What customers say about EXERTECH® underwater weighing equipment

“This looks like a first rate system!  Keep up the good work!”   Jack Wilmore, Ph.D.

“It is such a handy and efficient system. Thanks again. You’ve got a great product!”  Nolan Harms, MS – Concordia Univ.  (Nebraska)

“We purchased our system 10 years ago and it is working great.”  Alan Utter, Ph.D. – Appalachian State University

“We are using the new system and we love it!  It is so user friendly and easy to use.”  Amy Jandek, MS – Univ. of Illinois – Chicago

“The system has worked great.  We already have over 100 different weighing sessions on it.”  Dustin Slivka, Ph.D. – Univ.  of Nebraska – Omaha

“I have had the opportunity to use the new software with the XStick and it is so very comprehensive!”  Cheryl Pitkin, MS – Central Oregon Community College

“The new set up is working great.”  Ken Turley, Ph. D. – Harding University

“Your program is very user friendly.”  Markéta Schublová, Ph.D. – Slippery Rock University

“FANTASTIC!!!! I love it and have recommended it to several people.”  Jody Clasey, Ph.D. – Univ. of Kentucky

“It does seem remarkably easy to use.”  Steve McCole, Ph.D. – McDaniel  College

“The system has consistently performed well for us.”  Tina Manos, Ed.D. Humboldt State Univ.

“I love the new system.”   Kristen Carr, MS – NIKE Wellness Center

“I did a lot of testing in the spring and was very pleased with the system.”  Dean Calsbeek, Ph.D. – Northwestern College 

“We are doing well with the UWW system.”  Tamra Llewellyn, Ph.D. – Nebraska Wesleyan Univ.

“I am so pleased with our EXERTECH tank. We had a 30+ yr old hydrostatic tank that, while rich in patina, needed to be retired.
The new system is a big upgrade and the quality of the stainless tank, weighing frame, and load cells is excellent. The system is very straightforward to install, calibrate, and it functions like a dream. The software is intuitive and I am confident our students will appreciate the interface.” Dan Cannon, Ph.D – San Diego State University