Underwater weighing in a swimming pool with the FLOATAWEIGH.

Underwater weighing with an EXERTECH stainless steel tank.
Underwater weighing with an EXERTECH stainless steel tank.
Body fat percentage can be accurately estimated by weighing a person who is completely immersed underwater.

How It Works (Archimedes Principle):  The buoyant force on an immersed body is equal to the weight of water displaced by the body.

Weight of water displaced → Volume of water displaced = Body volume → Correct for lung volume → Density (Wt./Vol.) → Body fat %

An accurate underwater weight is all you need to get lean body mass and fat percentage by the gold standard method used in research labs. EXERTECH® weighing systems are safe and simple to use.  You don’t have to be an expert.  If you can weigh someone on a scale, you can do this.

EXERTECH® is the sole source for a unique radio-telemetry weighing system using 4 load cells and powered by ordinary flashlight batteries. The FLOATAWEIGH™ is a patented underwater weighing system on floats.  It can be used in any swimming pool with a 3 foot water depth.